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I like trees

Like that it shows the roots of the tree. Kristianna’s Tree of Life - 60 Awesome Tree Tattoo Designs

wish i had somewhere to put this...I'd just have to make it the tree of life

Tree Of Life Tattoo Designs And Ideas-Tree Of Life Tattoos And Meanings

tree of life dream catcher could put little birds for each of the 3 kids in the color of their birthstone.they would represent the beads of the dream catcher.upper arm and shoulder maybe left side of waist

Put my mothers maiden name on one end and my fathers last name on the other. Where my DNA came from❤️

The Fabric of Life Art Print

Tat inspiration: DNA part only mixed with a fuller tree. More leaves/branches. Typing in all life and nature. Earthlings rely on nature. Circle around whole tat representing the Earth(?

Tree of Life tattoo - add nest with 2 eggs and 4 forget-me-nots

Tree of Life tattoo (i want to add this to my tree i already have. Make it a little more circular with the blossoms like the tree of…

Tree of life. Now the night is coming to an end, The sun will rise and we will try again.

A beautifully detailed art print from the original Tree of Life drawing with Sun and Moon by me the artist Liza Paizis. Black and white tree of Life design ©Liza Paizis. ** Please note that this image is protected by copyright laws.

bodhi tree "world tree". enlightenment. the potential that you have within you.

Tree Tattoos: Designs, Ideas, Meanings, and Photos

Tree of Life history and research. Celtic Tree of life and how it relates to Tree of Life Tattoos.A research, design and history page about the Tree of life thru the ages to its now modern use as a Tattoo design.

Tree of Life Tattoos for Women | Whimsical Tree Of Life Swirly Createmytattoocom

swirls tree tattoo -- paisley tree of life; love the DNA detail of the trunk

Or I would get this design on my wrist for both my family and Irish hertiage

Turn my celtic trinity symbol into the celtic tree of life.represent my Irish heritage