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Misha Collins with John Barrowman! (mishacollins) on Twitter. HOLY CRAP!!!

David Tennant - Actually the 11th and 12th Doctor. Smith was the 13th Doctor and Capaldi is the 1st of a whole new cycle. John Hurt was the 9th Doctor and Eccleston was the 10th.

  • Henisha Scales

    How is David 2 doctors? LOL

  • Lone Dragon


  • l d

    John Hurt was introduced as the war doctor in "The Night of the Doctor". It had the 8th doctor, Paul McGann, regenerate into John Hurt, which makes him the 9th doctor. Then we had "The Day of the Doctor" with John Hurt, David Tennant and Matt Smith. David Tennant regenerated at the end of "The Stolen Earth" after he is shot by a Dalek, and the beginning of "Journey's End".

  • Lone Dragon

    I am so baffled I just did ,,, instead of ...!

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"I am still a geek. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I see no shame in having an unhealthy obsession with something." ~ David Tennant

yes. yes he is.

From the archives of the Timelords and Whovians

David Tennant. This. Picture.

I've pinned this like twice already, but dear god he's too beautiful. David Tennant

David Tennant

Dis my boy right here :D ♥ I will love him even if he goes bald or something. Even though I will cry.

  • Allison Terry

    I HATED that everyone was raving about Tom's hair when the scene only lasted like 30 seconds! I feel like Thor has become underrated. :P

  • The Consulting Vulcan

    I would agree but I'm too busy kneeling :P Lol no, I think Thor's shown remarkable character development. I actually liked him quite a bit by the end of Thor 2. And I REALLY want to know what Loki did with Odin! Like, did he have another convenient Odinsleep? Did Loki send him off somewhere or try to murder him? Did Odin let him sit there for some reason?! *bangs fist on table* WHAT HAPPENED???

  • Allison Terry

    EXACTLY. I swear, if we don't get answers...BUT REALLY THERE'S SO MUCH NEWS. Like Thor is on earth now! With Jane! Permanently until further notice! I mean...what?! And in the comics, Odinsleep was a once a year thing, so maybe after Loki told Odin that he was supposedly dead, and that Thor and the Aether were gone maybe he just got really stressed like in Thor and decided "hmm I'm tired time to hibernate."

  • The Consulting Vulcan

    Lol I almost got punched after the movie because my best friend is an avid Thor/Jane shipper and said Sif should die. I was like, "Say that to my face, chick!" I still think Sif and Thor would be perfect together! But yeah, I'm thinking probably Odinsleep too. I guess Loki could do some sort of mischief to be on the throne as long as Odin was asleep.

  • Allison Terry

    THANK YOU!!! I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO SHIPPED THOR AND SIF. I don't really like Jane that much. Oh gosh. Besides, Sif and Thor were married in Norse Mythology. haha!

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