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    Gorgeousness! Pattern at

    Lace Knitting Pattern. I just finished a scarf with this ONE ROW pattern. It's beautiful and was so easy! Now, because of its monotonous nature, I highly recommend using a varicolored or self-stripping yarn.

    double whoa! Ravelry: Promise Me pattern by Boo Knits

    Besides the obvious elegance and beauty captured within this stole, what makes this pattern even more intriguing is that it's knit with just one row. That's right, all you do is repeat a single row of knitting - and voila - you'll have your own Claire Lace Shawl. Free shawl lace #knitting patterns like this one make knitting exciting, fun and well worth the effort.

    This pattern: multiples of 3, k1,*k3tog but leave stitches on left hand needle, YO and still leave stitches on L needle, k3tog again and now drop stitches from needle*, k1

    Picture of Scarves to Crochet - I really like these colors

    This shawl only has one row: *yo, k to end. Top-down shawl shaping cheatsheet:

    a really cool technique, knit a blanket only working 10 stitches at a time

    Free Pattern

    cute scarf pattern

    chunky knits

    Textural Knitting with repeating bubble pattern - dimensional knit tutorial; textiles design

    Lighter-weight knitting projects to knit as the temps go up! Lace and lots of feminine details to layer against the evening chill.

    Thursday, March 10, 2011 Noodle Scarf I can't give credit to anyone in particular for the pattern since a friend's mother scratched it down on paper for me. Pattern: Size 10 needles Cast on 20 Knit 20, turn Knit 8, turn Knit 8, turn Knit 6, turn Knit 6, turn Knit 4, turn Knit 4, turn Knit 20 across Repeat until desired length Bind off

    Free! - My heaven by Patusha

    Patrones para Crochet: 2 Tutos Cordoncillo de Crochet Apliques