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    Clean Stove Burners and Grates Effortlessly with Ammonia

    Those greasy, food-splattered stove burners are gruesome and a real chore to try to scrub clean. With an overnight soak of cheap ammonia, however, that thick coating of crud comes off like nothing, writes Vivienne at the V Spot blog.
    • Phedre de Montreve

      Clean stove burners, remove showerhead buildup, and other household tips and tricks

    • Dawn DeStefano Cassata

      Clean Stove Burners w/Ammonia. Love cleaning tips.

    • Sonya Kleemann

      cleaning stove burners, grates. little bit of Ammonia in ziploc bag. let sit overnight. no scrubbing. Good idea!

    • Jill Johns

      Cleaning stove burner covers. For 20 years I've been looking for a GOOD way to clean the burners on my gas stove -- OMG this is GREAT!!! Tried it; works like a charm! And so simple!

    • Jennifer Seibert

      Clean stove burners by slipping them inside a ziploc bag with 1/4 cup ammonia, leave outside overnight and voila... Clean burners without scrubbing!!

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