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  • Elizabeth

    I've always loved the story book Gnomes

  • Modiste Madness

    Why the pointy hats you ask? - Garden gnomes

  • Susan Rahn-Dundas

    "Why the pointy hats you ask?" tata's gnome book @julia my favorite read as a child. bless our parents for giving us our wild imaginations. i actually believed these and fairies existed.

  • Wendie-kins

    Rien Poortvliet... My most favourite childhood book <3

  • Dana Dodge

    Why the pointy hats you ask? Illustration by Rien Poortvliet from the fantastic book "Gnomes"

  • Brenda (b)

    Rien Poortvliet gnome

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Art Print by Rien Poortvliet Gnome elf David by CuteEyeCatchers

Tomte or Nisse are Gnomes that take care of the farm and home. At Christmas you MUST leave a bowl of steaming hot rice porridge for them or they will play harmless tricks on you like letting the animals out or switching the salt and sugar. God Jul means Merry Christmas in Norwegian.

Rien Poortvliet museum op natuureiland Tiengemeten.

Tomten found the love of his life (under a mushroom) and on Dec.32 takes her on her annual ride on Gingerbread Gonstoffelson's moose. She responds with a kiss on his cheek.

Rien Poortvliet. I still have my mom's "Gnomes" book from when she was a little girl and look at it all the time.