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Wrap - so cute for summer. Click to learn.



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Hair Wrapped In Headband

Hair and headpiece... So cute!

Pretty Designsfrom Pretty Designs

15 Pretty DIY Headband Tutorials



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I'm only pinning this girl because her nose and eyes look exactly like mine

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These look super cute and simple to make, its just a matter of me actually trying!



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How to tie a Scarf into a Turban Headband Not sure how it would look with no bangs and curly hair...willing to try!

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felt flower headbands


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headscarves hair-and-makeup

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Head Bands For Short Hair

Head Wrap Scarf Short Hair

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Useful for all my old scarves!

CraftRiverfrom CraftRiver

12 Easy DIY Hairstyles for The Beach

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Easy DIY Hairstyles for The Beach | Messy Bun

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headbands! Pretty headbands.

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Headscarf Tutorial




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end goal for my hair!

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Headband tutorial. Really easy. I need some fabric like this. Even if I had to get a whole yard, I could make a skirt for Emma and then make us both a headband :)

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DIY 40s Bomb Girls styled scarf tutorial how-to styling

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Summer hair




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love me a good, bright headscarf.