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  • Melinda Lopez

    Omg! I remember these!!! ~80's parents who still dressed their kids like it was the 80s in the 90s~

  • Brittany Camp

    jelly shoes! Best childhood memory. I love these!

  • Jen Meredith

    Jelly Shoes 80s Fashion #jellyshoes

  • Erin _

    Jelly shoes. I am pretty sure I had a pair in every color when I was a kid.

  • Melisa Hatch

    jelly shoes 80s | shoes and my purple jelly shoes in the 80 s

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I had 5 pairs of these when I was little. Pretty much everything on Lauren Conrad's Blog I owned in the 90s-Millenium era

I had several pairs of these jellies. They got so sweaty and gross in the summer, but they were so cute!

Jelly shoes- available at the local small town grocery for just a few dollars. Got a new pair every summer, and I remember the first ones that had a "high heel".

Jelly shoes. Never came home without blisters and sweaty dirty gross feet.

I remember being 8 years old, desperate for a pair of these shoes, hard to get with my big feet. I did however find a pair in my size, but they were brown, why would they even make brown.

I not only wore these as bracelets, i used them to pretend that i had a retainer!!! ha

A good ole showing of 80 items from the 80's. Inicidentally, I did have these jelly shoes in white. I wore them to Geauga Lake for the day and never wore them again. They ate the life out of my feet and left me with bleeding blisters.

I had a pair of pink jelly shoes with glitter, they smelled good!

I use to get my feet so dirty and I could just clean off my shoes with the water hose....ahh the memories!