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Doctors at Ohio State are using methods to remove #brain tumors through the nose and mouth in order to avoid large incisions and the cutting away of other bones and tissues.

Les Sinus, illustrator H. U. Osterwalder

so cool great way to study

Acidic Food PH Balance too High in Cancer People

sawing the bone

U.S. regulators gave the nod to a radioactive dye called Amyvid that helps #doctors rule out whether patients have #Alzheimer's, the most common form of dementia. The dye binds to clumps of a toxic protein called beta amyloid that accumulates in the #brains of patients with Alzheimer's.

Les os, illus P. Wyss

frequency of brain tumors

1883 phrenology chart

The Aging Brain In Pictures

Sheryl Crow thinks benign brain tumor was caused by cell phone

New York Times article about the physical benefits of a loving relationship. "If you’re in a healthy relationship, holding your partner’s hand is enough to subdue your blood pressure, ease your response to stress, improve your health and soften physical pain. We alter one another’s physiology and neural functions."

As far as brain training apps go, CogniFit Brain Fitness is a gem

Genetic Variants Build a Smarter Brain

Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain! Click image to read Science Daily article. reneebeckmft.com

Know Your Brain Chemistry

Right brain / Left brain.

Brain Tumor Hope Motto Butterfly Shirts by diseaseapparel

Wear Grey! May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month