Front- illustration of the main character. One side- write about character's likes and dislikes. Other side- write how character interacts with other characters. Back- how the character changed throughout the novel/what events were responsible for the changes. Put 10 objects in the bag that represent or reminded you of the main character.

Character Traits Anchor Chart

Character Bags with CTP's Dots on Chocolate Border and Poppin' Patterns letters. Great character education idea! ~ Could use with historical figures or story characters...assign one for each child or have one to introduce a topic

Character Traits- love this idea for teaching character traits- students could work in groups with the main character of book to create a character web for the class

"if a child struggles with ___, then....." :: Hello Literacy: RTI: "If, Then" Reading Interventions Menu # Pin++ for Pinterest #

A fun activity to teach describing characters and character traits. Free downloadable template.

Students fill the taco with the story's "ingredients" (setting, characters, plot, etc.).

This is a great sample character map: the blue stickies describe her and the pink stickies give examples from the text, or evidence.

popcorn writing activity: students choose one yellow piece (character) and one white piece (setting) and write a short story.

Free Printable Kids Book Report Worksheet

bnute productions: Free Printable Kids Book Report Worksheet

Characterization-- inside & outside traits and a lesson on how characters change within a text!

I love this idea!

Runde's Room: Book Report Lapbook Project

Color poem. Great idea for figurative language.

accordion book, summary, character traits with evidence, setting etc.

As kids finish their books, they create a book spine to display on the wall in the 'book nook'

10 books to use for back to school

3rd Grade biography project

Who Am I? Fun idea for a research project, biography, book report, etc.

vocabulary or character traits