THE BEST PIN EVER!!! Hidden tricks to get your house sparkling in record time. I think every Pinterest trick is listed here!

29 uses for baking soda beyond baking.

How To Clean Anything And Everything with using ONLY CHALK

Seriously, the easiest way to clean your microwave! Thank you pinterest for sharing!

A dish wand full of Dawn soap and vinegar is an easy way to clean your shower. Store on a suction cup hook for convenience

Cleaning tricks

Spray one part vinegar and one part dish soap all over the tub, and you won’t even need to scrub! + other great cleaning tips

12 Home Cleaning Kit Essentials: eco-friendly homemade cleaning recipes plus recommended supplies to keep your home sparkling clean

dryer sheets to clean baseboards--not only cleans up, coats them to repel hair and dust

Having trouble cleaning grout in your home

15 Kitchen Cleaning Uses for Vinegar and an AWESOME tip about using it with newspaper! #cleaning #organizing

More hidden tricks to get your house sparkling in record time.

25-spring-cleaning-tips-and-tricks {clean your blinds}

make your own cleaning wipes

The Germiest Places You're Not Cleaning (But Should!)

Top 10 Time-Saving, MacGyver-Style Cleaning Tricks *cleaning towels with vinegar & baking soda included

Helpful house hacks.

"My husband owned his own A/C business for a long time....he said everything on here is the PROPER way to do it yourself, will make unit not work so hard and you save $ by not paying the A/C company!" Our electric bill rose to $430 two years ago and a simple A/C cleaning lowered it to $150. Totally re-pinning this.

Cleaning Grout-Regular spraying with lemon juice, vinegar or alcohol keeps mold and mildew at bay. to clean, use 7 cups water, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/3 cup lemon juice and 1/4 cup vinegar - throw in a spray bottle and spray your floor, let it sit for a minute or two... then scrub :)

homemade cleaning products :)

Cleaning Tip Tuesday by Clean Monsters