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Margie Pries
Margie Pries • 1 year ago

The Code of Hammurabi is a well-preserved Babylonian law code, dating back to about 1772 BC. It is one of the oldest deciphered writings of significant length in the world

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Sumer was once again fully united under the Babylonian ruler, Hammurabi in 1792 BCE. Hammurabi was most famous for his code of laws. Stela of Hammurabi, from Susa, c1792-1750 BCE


Stele with law code of Hammurabi, Babylonian, Susa, Iranca. 1780 BC

Hammurabi was the first king of the Babylonian Empire, but is best remembered for his 1760BC creation of the first known written set of laws in history. This codex was written on a basalt stele standing nearly 2 meters tall, top by a relief depicting Hammurabi raising his hand to his mouth in respect to the Babylonian God, who is likely to have been Marduk

The Oldest Known Tablet Containing a Legal Code (2,100 BCE – 2,050 BCE): "The Code of Ur-Nammu is the oldest known tablet containing a law code surviving today. It was written in the Sumerian language ca. 2100-2050 BC. Although the preface directly credits the laws to king Ur-Nammu of Ur (2112-2095 BC), some historians think they should rather be ascribed to his son Shulgi. "The first copy of the code, in two fragments found at Nippur, was translated by Samuel Kramer in 1952; owing...

The Code of Hammurabi (Codex Hammurabi, originated 1760 BCE in Ancient Babylon) is an ancient law code that predates the Law of Moses (1312 BCE), also known as the Mosaic Law/Torah (Jews) or Old Testament (Christians). Hammurabi's Code was created by the Babylonian king Hammurabi on seven foot tall, black diorite steel and depicts the king receiving the law from, Shamash, the Babylonian God of Justice

Stele of Hammurabi's Code

Instructions of Shuruppak dating back to 3,000 BC. This is one of the oldest known works of literature in human history

Circa 800 BC.....A writing tablet in Greek/Phoenician dating from this time may be "the oldest European alphabet, the oldest writing tablet extant, and part of the world's oldest book in codex form. The other old writing tablets are 2 from Nimrod [Nimrud], one ivory, the other walnut wood, dated 707 - 705 BC., in addition to a 8th c. BC Neo-Hittite wood tablet.........

Shamash was the god of the sun in the Babylonian tradition of ancient Mesopotamia. Shamash was also associated with justice and was said to be the inspiration for the Babylonian king Hammurabi to codify laws into Hammurabi's Code, one of the first written legal documents in history.

El Kab tombs Upper Egypt in the desert. Rock-cut tombs of the early 18th Dynasty (1550–1295 BC), remains of temples dating from the Early Dynastic period (3100–2686 BC) to the Ptolemaic period (332–30 BC).