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Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

Paradise Found

Photo of the Day - Arcadian Oasis FEBRUARY 2015 Arcadian Oasis Photograph by Stefano Unterthiner, National Geographic A placid pond high in the Graian Alps mirrors the snow-crowned peaks of Ita.

Gran Paradiso National Park | Mount Taou Blanc and the lakes, Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

Mount Taou Blanc and the lakes, Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy

View from Colle del Nivolet - Gran Paradiso National Park, Piemonte, Italy

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Gran Paradiso National Park, Valle d'Aosta, Italy - Wow, what an amazing hike…

Valnontey - valle secondaria della val di Cogne, a sud del capoluogo.- Al suo culmine si trovano le più importanti vette del massiccio del Gran Paradiso e il Ghiacciaio del Gran Crou.- Presso il villaggio di Valnontey (1.666 m s.l.m.), si trova il Giardino alpino Paradisia, un orto botanico specializzato in essenze alpine - Nella valle vivono numerosi camosci.

Cogne – the Park – Valle d'Aosta – Aosta Valley

Valle d'Aosta: Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso (Valle d'Aosta, Piemonte),  di Salvatore Gianni Pino Guarda le Offerte!

Parco Nazionale del Gran Paradiso, Valle d'Aosta e Piemonte, Italy

Kavče žlutozobé se vznáší v termických vzdušných proudech. Za hradbou mraků se tyčí masiv Gran Paradiso. Park je domovem přibližně sta druhů ptáků.

Photograph by Stefano Unterthiner With Gran Paradiso’s massif looming beyond a cloud bank, a yellow-billed Alpine chough swoops and soars on thermals and updrafts. The park is home to some hundred species of birds.

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An Alpine chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) stands against a mountain backdrop in Gran Paradiso National Park, Valle d’Aosta, Italy.

Parco del Gran Paradiso

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Gran Paradiso National Park    #TuscanyAgriturismoGiratola

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