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All my past is color, placed inside my hands. Empty is the canvas. Patiently I plan...

They say when you donate to "Locks of Love" that if your hair is too damaged to use one thing they do is sell your hair to make paintbrushes...I am most certainly a part of people's art all around the world. LOL! ;)

This is precisely how my paintbrushes are stored. I keep a pic of my grandmother next to them who was an artist, she made a good living doing oil portraits in her time. I keep a bottle of oil for cleaning, and A tin cup to dump the oil in. :D Wonderful

Brushes - a good way to keep the writing juices flowing is to take a break, and enjoy creating in a different way.

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Paint brushes! On a slightly deeper note, it's amazing to think that the work of art has a permanent impact on the very instrument that creates it :)

art..I've had it on the back burner for a while. the desire to create comes out in many different forms.