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The Lemp Mansion, 3322 South 13th Street, has a storied past. William J. Lemp Sr. committed suicide in the master bedroom on Feb. 13, 1904. Lemp had never gotten over the 1901 death of his son Frederick from a heart ailment. William Lemp Jr. took over the family business, Lemp Brewery, and turned the house into the company's headquarters. Prohibition forced the brewery to close in 1920, and in June 1922 Lemp Jr. announced he would sell the property. On Dec. 29, 1922, he committed suicide in…

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American Ghost Stories III: The Lemp Family Suicides

Americas Most Haunted Places: Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, Missouri Once home to a family with a tragic history, the Lemp Mansion is now a restaurant and inn where workers have reported strange occurrences and apparitions. Join in on "the Lemp experience" to try to spy some ghosts.


Neighborhood Photos

In the photo below you can see two Falstaff wagons passing each other at the intersection of Cherokee Street and South Seventh Street (now South Broadway). The row of buildings on the right were rental properties owned by the DeMenil family. Looming in the background, where Cherokee veers to the left, is the outline of the DeMenil Mansion.

Between 1907 and 1937, six public bath houses were built in St. Louis so all residents -- not just the wealthiest -- could enjoy the luxury of good hygiene. The last operating bath house ceased operations in 1965; it is the only one still standing today.