Anyone can wear clothes to cover up ; the true test is looking good NAKED!

Skinny girls look good in clothes, fit girls look good naked.heres to being FIT

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Runner Things Muscle built through strength training increases your resting metabolic rate and tones your body. This helps with long-term weight control and creates a physique that you'll feel proud of.

so true

It's true. It may be hard to pull myself out of bed at and workout, but I never regret it. I always, always regret not working out though!

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Do this routine before every shower: 50 jumping jacks, 5 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 mountain climbers, and 30 second plank. Before shower workouts are a very good idea. one step closer to that bod. bikini bod here I come!

Cortney this is what i was trying to tell you today!

keep going.keep going.keep going.keep going.keep going.keep going.keep going.keep going.

so true!

Of course it burns, but complaining won't make you look good naked. Gotta remember this


so true! Fitness doesn't need to focus on weight at all. You define progress. Your progress may be a faster mile, one more push-up, longer plank, etc. Set goals then go achieve!