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"is your wife suffering from menopause or something?"-my narcissistic mother talking to my husband. isn't she just a gem? no contact. bitch.

I was walking by this guy I hate and he goes "Did you just swear?" And I turn to him and go "How about I break off your legs and shove them up your ass?" He just walked away with a weird face and my friend comes up to me and she's like "What's up with him?"And I say "I have no fuckin' idea!"

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Où devrais-je poster ça ? – Choisir le bon réseau social

You obviously don't know me very well if you think for one damn moment that I'm going to put up with your bullshit. #ecards hahaha Right!

Why I'd love to go to the beach with you! Unless of course you look good in a which case...fuck you, I'm busy!!

Funny Apology Ecard: Sorry that most of my hilarious jokes are borderline inappropriate. And by sorry, I mean you're welcome.