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Understanding Thread Tension

understanding thread tension (super helpful!)

Sewing Machine Troubleshooting Infographic

I have been threading my machine incorrectly for twenty years and cursing the tension. Easy tutorials here for Singer sewing machines here fixed it.

from Crazy Little Projects

Understanding Sewing Machine Stitches

Have you ever taken a look at your sewing machine and the stitches available to be used and wondered what on Earth all those stitches do? Here in the Emma Lyn Designs studio, we love to refer to this guide. This is an awesome guide to all those stitches!

Messy stitches. Loose threads. Clanking metal. Lint clogs. When you’re in the quilting groove, there’s nothing more frustrating than an out-of-whack sewing machine. Luckily, there are a few tips and techniques that can get your machine up and running in no time, and Rob is just the guy to show you how! In fact, he gets pretty excited about taking care of his machines! This week Rob has released a series of three video tutorials to guide you through do-it-yourself repair and maintenance…

Eyeglass case turned sewing kit for emergency use and keep in car!

How to clean and oil a sewing machine...this could really save me some money!

Sewing Machine Presser Foot Guide for Beginners

from wikiHow

Adjust the Tension on a Sewing Machine

BEST explanation I've read yet on adjusting the tension on your sewing machine! Simple and easy to remember. Tighten the tension and "pull the knots up" if the knots appear on the bottom side of the sewn seam. Loosen the tension and "drop the knots down" if the knots are on the top surface. Higher number = tighter, lower number = looser.