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Get fit by first eating the right stuff! @homeweightloss

Fitness inspiration and motivation. It'll be worth it!!!

What You Should Eat Before and After Your Workout

Abs are made in the kitchen!! These 25 Flat Belly Foods have been a savior for me! #flatbelly #foods

Even though I'm thin I still TRY to eat healthy and in moderation. It doesn't mean I think I'm fat, it means I want to be a healthier and better person. Which, I believe, is something everyone should strive to do.

You are what you eat


Remember this!

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Tumblr: fitbeliever: An important reminder that what happens in the GYM is only fortified when what happens in the KITCHEN is just as good.

True, let the pain be you're best friend!


This gets me every day....HOW TRUE!!


This is true!

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