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until you roll over and stab your head just in the right

Having A Very Complicated Relationship With Your Hair -

Isn't that the truth though...The hair dryer one looks like something from a Dr. Seuss book XD

So true! Check the weather first, drying might not even be worth it

submitted by tolstoynpowertools :)

As they stare in disbelief, I remind them, "...I TOLD YOU but you wouldn't believe me, would ya?" : }

Ha! Been there...done that.... "Air drying" (naturally,) takes hours, but blow drying, (diffuser or not,) causes MORE frizz, so...your choice. : {

A lady once asked me when I got my hair permed. I sad "in utero". she didnt appreciate my humour.

Yup, especially when people claim you don't have curly hair. Then you get argumentative. BUT I DO!!

My hair's a rebel. It does what it wants, when it wants. There's no arguing with it.

This cracks me up! I need this. If my husband knew this existed, he would buy it for me and stick it on the wall! He loooovvveeessss messy hair. :D xoxo