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I’ll always Feel the Bern, but now I’m With Her

I’ll always Feel the Bern, but now I’m With Her — Medium

Ani DiFranco: We the people are in charge — and we can insist that the Electoral College voters save our democracy

Dangerous Americans: The Trump Nominees in Full

Mitch McConnell Tries To Undo Everything Obama Has Done With Government Shutdown Threat. Listen to what these Republicans are stating they will do with control of the house and will turn America into a third world toxic waste dump, all to keep the Koch Brothers happy !

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who may be riding momentum from the CNBC debate into the eight-person Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee, frequently celebrates his father’s roots as a teenaged Cuban revolutionary turned refugee. It’s a dramatic story that culminates, in part, in a nearly penniless Rafael Cruz making his way from jailhouse beatings to the University of Texas. This week, though, a New York Times story suggests the elder Cruz, a minister who stumps for his son, may have…

Hillary Clinton says no GOP candidate has talked about controlling college costs | PolitiFact Florida

GM to temporarily close 5 factories as car inventory builds | Chicago Sun-Times

Politico Does The Reporting Job On The Hillary Victory Fund That Rachel Maddow Wouldn’t Do | The Mahablog