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Lucie Loulou

Ysl Loulou

Mariage Weddingdress

Loulou De La Falaise on her wedding day with Thadeé son of Balthus. harem-and-turban ensemble from Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche.


1970S Fashion

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Veil Bride

Vogue Italia, 1970.


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Jeanne Lanvin S

Jean Lanvin

Lanvin Lanvin125

La Mere Lanvin's dreams for her daughter were realized when she married well to the Count Jean de Polignac and became the Countess Marie-Blanche de Polignac. Marie-Blanche in her wedding dress by la Mere Lanvin.

Dela Falaise

Loulou Falaise

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Falaise 1976

Loulou Dela

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Laurent S Muse

LouLou de la Falaise -


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-Chic white lace dress-


Falaise Rive

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Saint Laurent

loulou de la falaise in her left bank apartment, 1982


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Cornelia Vanderbilt Wedding Day, 1924; 1930s Bride


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⍙ Pour la Tête ⍙ hats, couture headpieces and head art - Emma Fielden #millinery #judithm #hats


Catroux 1969

Catroux Ysl

Saint Catroux

Catroux Circa

Yves Saint Laurent Muse

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

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1969 Fashion

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Circa 1969 - Betty Catroux, friend and muse of Yves Saint Laurent at Rive Gauche.


Valentino 1968

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White Organza

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Marisa Berenson "a muse for all the ages"

Zimbiofrom Zimbio

Ulyana Sergeenko Photos: PFW: Arrivals at Louis Vuitton

Laurent Images

Work Brilliant

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Ulyana Sergenko

Vintage Saint

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Ulyana Sergeenko. I find this designer's work brilliant. It reminds me of the vintage Saint Laurent images. I wish we still dressed this way. Love her hairstyle. Love that when she wears a look, she embraces it. A most refreshing and creative approach.


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Dolores Costello....not too happy looking!

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1960 1960S

1960 - Yves Saint Laurent for Christian Dior, Spring 1960.

1955 Yves

Dior 1955

122 Dior

Laurent 1955

Yves Saint Laurent 1950S

Yves Saint Laurent Couture

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1955: Yves Saint Laurent design for Dior.

Voguefrom Vogue

L’Amour Fou

Yves Saint Laurent Portrait

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Yves Saint Laurent Smoking

Saint Laurenty

Ysl Beautiful

Beautiful People

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Laurent Yvessaintlaurent

Yves Saint Laurent-the quiet prince of fashion, & iconic French fashion couturier.

Madame Figarofrom Madame Figaro

L’allure Loulou

Loulou La Falaise

Falaise Muse

Loulou Jean

Chic Tellement

Laurent Loulou

Saint Laurent Muse

Laurent Mis

Yves Saint Laurent Vintage

Allure Loulou

Jean-Baptiste Mondino met en image le chic tellement imité mais jamais égalé de la muse d'Yves Saint Laurent : Loulou de la Falaise


Naomi Ysl

Naomi 1989

Campbell Ysl

Ysl 1989

Model Naomi Campbell

Laurent 1989

Laurent Naomi

True Supermodels

Ysl Couture

Naomi Campbell YSL 1989


Falaise 1970

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1970 Loulou

Loulou Loulou

Icon Loulou

Loulou de la Falaise, Vogue, 1970, Richard Avedon. Loulou de La Falaise was a fashion muse and designer of fashion, accessories & jewelry associated with Yves Saint-Laurent. (May 4, 1948 - November 5 2011)

Yves Saint Laurent For Dior

Yves Saint Laurent Portrait

Icon Saint Laurent

Yves Laurent

Laurent 1957

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Laurent Paris

Glasses Ysl

Mens Glasses

Yves St. Laurent * on the day before the opening of his first collection for Dior 1957 photo Inge Morath


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Laurent 2012

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Yves Saint Laurent