• Roselei Joseph

    Push a button and the full cabinet loaded with rifles or other valuables swings down from the ceiling for access and display. T'leul in house weapons holder (whips, knives, swords, etc...) modern times, used as display case to show off for human visitors.

  • Michael Wilson

    Furniture, Cool Ceiling Cabinet For Gun Hidden Storage And Great Deer Wallpaper On Living Room: Fantastic Hidden Storage Furniture Design I...

  • Jutta Barion

    gun safe storage cabinet - hide storage

  • Top Model's Guide

    StashVault (Secret gun cabinet folds down from ceiling)...x

  • Martha Rabaduex

    Secret Ceiling Gun Storage and Display Secret Rifle Display Cabinet – StashVault@basementkitty plz share with SAR

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Usin' this mindset ALL vehicles should be banned as more folks are killed by drunk drivers each yr than by guns. This doesn't include those drivin' high on illegal or precipitation meds, distracted drivers on cell phones, eatin', arguin' etc. I lost my best friend from childhood, parents lost a son, siblings lost a brother n the world lost a brilliant Scientist who was innocently goin' home after work ... cuz a drunk driver CHOSE to use his vehicle as a lethal weapon n MURDER an innocent man!


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AUSTRALIA gun ban stats.....while in England the ban on guns saw gun crimes increase 35%...darn criminals can be so non-compliant!! Yes - now I see why this would be a good gun-control model to replicate, Fauxbama.

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