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Capitalism is not one monolithic system/idea. Historically it has manifested in various forms. It is NOT in and of itself evil. In fact, Marx himself admired and was en-wondered by the success of capitalism but what we have now is a repugnant perversion of capitalism.

wow ... and the only things from him i ever saw in school ... including the library ... were huck finn, connecticut, and the pauper... ever

NO ONE is pro ABORTION; we are pro CHOICE!! It is a woman's body, therefore HER choice!!

Men Have Body Image Issues, Too

Men can have body image issues too. But honestly, why would you want to look like either of them. Do You Boo!

You are telling her that making sure boys have a "distraction free" learning environment is more important than her education. Instead of shaming girls for their bodies, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects.

Society is killing our little girls. Fuck all of you who perpetuate the expectations that they should look a certain way or fit in a plastic box.