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"Do you ever hate someone so much but don't even have a valid reason"

This...this is the best thing ever. Someone paid to do this. I must meet them and force them to be my friend! Maria Canavello Mrasek Canavello Mrasek Bugajski just like i did with you ;)

Yup... that's what you get for working in the hospitality industry!

OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME I NOW LOVE THAT GUY HE'S A GENIUS!!!! And I actually laughed at this one ^.^

You better believe it darlin! People who insult their server are insecure morons. Just sayin':)

the 8 year old i babysit actually questioned this song in the car today, asking how it's possible to set fire to the rain and why she's touching someone's face. i had no answer.

LIFE is too short to work all the time. It's too short to let idiots affect your view of yourself. Life is too short to go very long without laughing, without saying exactly how you feel, or without having a bottle-sized glass of wine. :)

good lord. Somebody finally said it. (It wasn't going to be me). Although, I love floral wallpaper ;)

Its not that I'm better than you- I just have better things to do than feed your ego and get caught up in your bullshit.

I'm a nice person once you stop trying to get to know me.