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“In his five short weeks of life, Orbit hasn’t met many other owls. So he isn’t at all worried that his new best friend doesn’t hoot back. The orphaned chick is perfectly content in the company of the stuffed bird perched next to him and is never far from his side. Orbit, a common barn owl, was given the toy by Lyndsey Wood, his carer at Folly Farm, near Narberth in West Wales. She said: ‘A friend suggested that I find something like a toy owl to stop Orbit feeling lonely. I thought he might…


Armail Owl-unmounted Rubber Stp

Quebec Stamp - Owl

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"This young barn owl is one in a million after being born with a rare genetic condition that has made her feathers jet black. Sable, who is two years old, suffers from melanism, a 100,000-to-one gene mutation that makes her the exact opposite to an albino. Dark-hued owls are normally killed at birth by their confused mothers but Sable was born in captivity and so she survived, meaning she is one of only three in existence in Britain. "

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Owl! I LOVE this picture. The way the Owl is aligned shows the true grace of a Beautiful creature.