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French Grammar Rules: Your Guide to Verb Tenses

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French Vocabulary: What exactly did you do today? Did you take a shower, go to work, meet friends, go home...? This vocabulary list will tell you how to say all that in French. More vocabulary available on this page Do not hesitate to share and repin.

This is a reference tool for students to help them use possessive adjectives / pronouns correctly in French.

Vous souhaitez apprendre comment dire au revoir en anglais ? Avez-vous pensé à effectuer un séjour linguistique ?

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Learn Basic French Phrases with Audio: www.learnfrenchla...

les adverbes - French language vocabulary - adverbs

"French wasn’t her first language. Yet it was her favorite. She learned it when she was little and soon the soft words and gentle sounds were a comforting thing. One day she longed to visit France...where her mother’s family came from. " #Learn #Spanish

The Pronoun Subjects in French 1. Je : I There is no capital letter: je (only when it is the first word of the sentence) Je before a verb starting with

I correct people's written English, and I find it's these small words which most people get wrong. I'm sure it's the same in French

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50 Beautiful French Words - Infographic and Audio

French phrases for shopping. (Mistake with the 6th sentence) Previous pinner found the mistake, pas moi.

French Verbs of Motion: Conjugating the Past Tense with Être


Learning French is far from easy. And that's why we've got a nice little infographic to help you on your way. Enjoy.

French Words, but it's chat, not cat.

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I am moving to Paris for a year to get immersed in language, but if you are going for a trip soon, I also plan to do that