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The trick is to just keep working at it and expect seasons that aren't great. Marriage, like two rowboats meant to be together, will slowly and subtly drift apart unless you are well anchored. Tying your boats together with the bonds of commitment, togetherness, and well planned love will also help to drift proof your marriage. We try to read books on romance,marriage ,go to marriage retreats when we can. We aren't taught in our culture how to be married and it's a shame.

You have seen me be very ugly and you still love me. In this year that Ive known you we have both been through a lot and I love you so much. I want to spend the next lifetime loving you for the good. The bad. The ugly. For everything.태양성카지노 빅브라더카지노 태백카지노

I actually can't agree more on this. Whenever I get in an argument with my bf, I get so angry and say I don't care about that fool anymore but can never stop wondering if he got home safely or ate dinner alright and so on then wish he would call already..

Absolutely a MUST... Without safety you have nothing but a partial facade and that puts both at risk of being deeply hurt and broken