We are, each of us, Angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing each other - Cerbantes

"We are, each of us, angels with only one wing. And we can only fly embracing each other." -- Luciano De Crescenzo Another James Christensen- Sleeper Lost in Dreams.

Luz y Oscuridad en mi...Una imagen alucinante, qué.. efecto más oportuno.

A heavenly angel shape appears in a cloud above The Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand. - Saw it while searching for another pic.


This image, this image reminds me of my angel mother mourning the death of my youngest sibling, our little angel taken so young, I haven't cried about this for so long. Angel of Grief (the original one)

asi quiero la posicion del cuerpo viendo asi pero menos cuerpo y solo el hombre y alas mas grandes que crees?

James C. Christensen - MEN AND ANGELS: The Art of James C. Christensen - TRADEBOOK from the Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Gallery featuring fine art prints, canvases, books, porcelains and gift ideas.

Angel Unaware by James Christensen  "	  This unassuming woman has been endowed with wings and grace with such force that even the invisible has left its shadow on stone. And she's not sure what just happened... "She remains humble and is probably unaware of what she has done. Her service and kindness just seemed like the right thing to do."

James Christensen Hand-Embellished with Gold Leaf Limited Edition Canvas Giclée:"Angel Unaware" - James Christensen

Arms of the Angel - Sarah McLaughlin Lyrics...beautiful song with a lovely angelic pictures.

Arms of the Angel - Sarah McLaughlin Lyrics.beautiful song with a lovely angelic pictures.In the Arms of an Angel - Sarah McLachlan. ♥ So incredibly beautiful. I cry every time I hear this.Memories of my mom R.


Angel wing clouds ~ WOW if you use your imagination it DOES look like angels flying around!