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  • Constant Change / Michelle A. Homme

    Logic will only take you so far...imagination takes you everywhere else. #AlbertEinstein #imagination

  • TokiDokiDahlin

    Logic gets you from A to Z: imagination will get you everywhere - Albert Einstein #quotes

  • Michael Tanenbaum

    "Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere." -Albert Einstein #inspiration #quote #sayings #einstein

  • Niamh Mullan

    logic will get you from a to z, imagination will get you everywhere // albert einstein - let's hope this is true as it's how I live my life!

  • Abbie McGee
    Abbie McGee • 2 years ago

    Logic will get you from A to Z, spelling little. Imagination will create a world full of possibilities when those same letters are put together in a million different ways. ;)

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This is one of the quotes that I have read, Albert Einstein said it best. So when someone else makes you feel as though they smarter than you, think again!

Imagination is everything

well, at the very least, almost . . . but there IS something to be said for 'the real thing' . . .

Inspiring text

Einstein. wise guy

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. (Albert Einstein)

In response to the criticism that they lack experience, we say: Naturally, but isn‟t the lack of maturity of the vast majority preferable to the lack of imagination of a select few?

Einstein on God and Evil. You must read it completely to appreciate the argument Einstein is making.

  • Robert Sarnik

    As others have pointed out this quote is a fake, not to mention flawed. The absence of love isn't hate, that would be apathy or something like it. The absence of good isn't evil but something like neutrality.

  • Robert Sarnik

    As for Einstein, he was an atheist, possibly an agnostic atheist, like the vast majority of those who say they're agnostics really are, but an atheist nonetheless.

  • Robert Sarnik

    Why do you love it? It's fake, Einstein never said this, also the logic of it is flawed.

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I was told in positive psych that those whose mind wanders a lot are generally less happy, they must have missed the nerds when gathering test subjects.

Leaving the comment of the person I pinned this from, cause it's awesome. "I was thinking about this quote today. I really do believe that every person is brilliant in some way. You just have to get out there and try things. Not everyone has to be a scientist or mathematician, but it's important to have a thirst for knowledge and to want to be great at something. Have ambition, don't sell yourself short."