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    Easy to clean chicken coop

    Perfect for my chick coop planning

    How would chickens live if they had their druthers? We can find out by looking at the habits and habitat of their wild relatives, the jungle fowl. That fascinating information is reviewed, and used to guide suggestions on how best to provide your chickens with the opportunity to express their natural behaviors. Plus tips on how to make the most of a small space.

    Start a Successful Egg Business that Makes You Money - Photo courtesy iStockphoto/Thinkstock (

    7 Important Steps To Prepare Your Chickens For Fall And Winter

    simple ways to tame chickens

    Nesting Box Blend- let herbs and flowers help to keep your chickens pest free.

    Dreaming of a green winter: growing sprouts for your chickens (or yourself!)

    Keeping chickens doesn’t have to be costly. From building the coop to keeping it clean, these inexpensive materials will help make your hens feel like queens.

    10 Ways to Keep Chickens Healthy -- Community Chickens...oyster shells in self serve basket

    An easy and inexpensive way to keep chickens from eating the veggies in raised beds! Chickens, the buffet is closed!

    The Chicken Chick®: Chickens' Soup, A Healthy Winter Treat for Chickens

    Seed the run and keep the box there, chickens can't get at the root! Click on link for a healthy grass seed mixture recipe for chickens!

    Since feathers consist of 85% protein, feather production places great demands on a chicken's energy and nutrient stores. We can help them keep up with those demands by increasing their protein intake during the molt. I created a recipe for muffins that are high in protein, using primarily ingredients that they would naturally seek-out during a molt.

    Frustrated with your chickens' water constantly freezing during the winter months? Here are some old fashioned ways to keep your chickens' water from freezing. How To Keep Your Chickens' Water From Freezing | areturntosimplici...

    Describes why it's important to keep chicken coops well ventilated (even in winter) and how much ventilation is generally necessary.

    Organic, free-range, homegrown chickens and their eggs can be expensive! But here's 5 tips to help keep costs down

    A neat idea for my old ladder.

    Pretty and compact urban coop.

    Nutritious tea made from dried alfalfa is good for the whole flock, but especially beneficial for producing and broody hens to keep them healthy during the breeding season.

    Barnboard Coop

    Barnboard Coop Rust roof

    Really good info on chickens and how to deal with eggs.