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I went to the top of the space needle in Seattle during the World Fair when I was a little girl. Sometimes I even have nightmares with elevators and rooms in the sky. Didn't realize what it was until I saw a picture of the space needle when I was in my 30's and it all made sense :)

Seattle Seahawks getting ready to kick off the 2014 NFL season

The Seahawks at the clink .- This stadium is amazing - I was fortunate enough to be at the grand opening before the public was allowed in - Thank you SO MUCH Paul Allen for giving a Damn..and for helping to make Seattle even more awesome....Rock On Sir Paul Allen!!!!!! Beast Mode, Skiddles, Sherman, Tate, Wilson, Smith, Kearse, and on and on -GO HAWKS!!!!!!

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Why is the NFLCombine important? Ask the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks...

A visual representation of the history and facts of the Seattle Seahawks, the Football Team of the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle Seahawks Infographics by Joshua Rhodes, via Behance

Custom Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman Converse by bourbonandbandaids via Etsy @RSherman_25 Keith Pacheco #GoHawks

Seattle's Seahawk for real. It is actually an Osprey, a falcon-like bird that can be tamed like a falcon. His name is Taima.