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"(gif set) Jared Padalecki's Perfect Hair" My hair used to be that way before I had my son. Idc what you say, pregnancy changes your hair.

Misha is awesome! Ur argument is invalid

Misha throwing gummy bears at people during his autograph session

Supernatural... Love this episode!

Supernatural - Mystery Spot] - poor dean died a hundred times! and poor sammy, he had to live through it & remember it


yes, we even have a gif for that.<=u shouldn't be shocked anymore XD-sm-

"Where's that one fandom with the guy who likes pie and his dad hates him? I'm still laughing over people not even IN the spn fandom recognizing that Dean loves pie and John "hates" him.

Supernatural. Enough said.//when meg called cas her unicorn it made me want to fling myself off a building

Dean is a dinosaur, Cas it's the unicorn, a Sam is the weard creature thing in the back.

I love Lucifer so much it's a problem. (This is literally something only an SPN fan can say and understand and anyone else who would hear this would think we're crazy.)

Sensitive Satan "Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?" <--- You know you are a SPN fan when you see a post of Satan, you get excited, and yell, "Satan!" And everyone in the house turns to look at you funny.

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I thought we agreed to never be creative again, omg this is from the Don't Hug Me I'm Scared video.

Oh my gosh yes<<< I was just talking to my friend about this!

Oh my gosh yes<<< I was just talking to my friend about this!<< sam's hair you are so right , but sammy is bio or some thing.

Tumblr Meets Supernatural by vlade - Meme Center. The last two kill me...

Tumblr Meets Supernatural

When Supernatural ends forever, somewhere in the background in the finale, there should be a news report about Carver Edlund's cult book series is being turned into a TV series <--- oh my, I think I would die!