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"Storybrooke? this is worse than the alternate universe i swear." *smh*

Funny how the people who start with "I hate drama" will follow it up with "she's crazy, one time". Shup up Bug be-gone

Hahaha--I too thought it said "I'm bread"

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I think Rick is actually really nice I mean he made Percy Jackson which means that we are a fan of him does any one get what I'm saying ? Well I don't care Rick has made my life complete by making these books now I have one thing to say...."............................. MAKE MORE BOOOKS WITH PERCY JACKSON NOOOOOOWWWW

Once a girl in band asked "can people have monkeys as pets?" Why......why....

Let's see. If he's allowed to continue this for 4 years, that's over $1 BILLION of taxpayer money. But I'm sure he cares about all us peasants.

I feel like I'm about to explode because of school. I'm high strung, sleep-deprived, anxious, and more because of teachers and peers who can't understand the simple concept of leaving me alone.