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Ear Aches? Clogged Ears?

This is a testimonial post I found on Naturally Oily Mom (another YLEO blogger). Her dad was complaining of his ears being stopped up and therefore having problems hearing. What a great daughter a...

These diffuser blends will provide the perfect relaxing aroma to help you and your little ones drift off to sleep.

33 Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil. Peppermint is one of my favorite essential oils. I find it so useful. I use it for headache relief and as an energy booster.

What woman doesn't want Oola lashes? It's every girl's dream, right?! So of course being the oily girl that I am, I decide to make a serum to support normal eyelash growth with my essential oils. There seems to be an oil for everything, so why not use my Young Living Essential Oils for beautiful lashes.

Top 5 Lotion Bar Recipes

Super easy, super amazing lotion bars.