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I pinned this months ago, but to this day I still remember and use this when writing. Never forget how important one text post can be.

Affect vs Effect I've learnt from this post, I think of it and use it every day in class-- This would have been helpful on the PSAT

This would be me as an alien


Sorry for the swearing, but this is really cool. Funny idea, and also a good point about oversimplification of fictional cultures

it's because they're french words, and adding e or doubling the last consonant and adding e is usually the way to make a word feminine

I was aware of the fiance/fiancee difference, due to the fact that I was someone who read the dictionary (true story), but I always thought that the blond/blonde was a difference of language (maybe French?

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The proper use of who and whom is a grammar issue that stymies many writers and speakers. While some grammar pundits have called for doing away with whom altogether, I think it's a valid word that we.

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Alternative soulmate AUs good worldbuilding means deeply exploring how a system would form around the fictional element that stands out in your universe.

Preconceptions being subverted

How about a punk rock ballet dancer who listens to Celtic music and reads fantasy novels?<<Also, how about a tomboyish nerd who listens to Fall Out Boy and reads historical novels

Soulmates Explained With Science

Soulmates Explained With Science

Funny pictures about Soulmates Explained Scientifically. Oh, and cool pics about Soulmates Explained Scientifically. Also, Soulmates Explained Scientifically photos.

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Chinese religion asserts that there are multiple souls in each person (about but it works differently.

Character development questions

Character development questions

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A List Of Sounds

A List Of Sounds