Clever Product Package good packaging! #marketing #design #brilliant

you need to click on it to see.....hehe. That should do the trick.

Finger puppets. cool


clean your teeth with cat vomit, twice a day, every day.

Spooning. Bananas. Bananas. Spooning. Is there a better post for me?!?!?!

Pick Me I'm Single-- cute banana display for a grocery store. Or for leftover pop-up merchandise!

Laughed way harder than I ought to!! Lmao!!

Watch Out for the Croc

brilliant, just brilliant

why do I find this funny?

A mugging mug for those rough days at the office. Badass

If Fonts were Dogs

sunbaking cookies

I Need this sign.


It happened

this needs to be on every door

Lol sometimes I have to sing it also