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My stolen twin soul.....hiriyein hamaar....

"Make more room for love. With love there is no roles just souls that love unconditional. A profound sense of understanding and acceptance. Overcome by a feeling of infinite gratitude when graced with their presence. To be in awe of ones imperfect perfections is to truly appreciate their essence." - Very interesting perspective to give some thoughts!

(...) Tua Presença acende o fogo em minha alma e a paixão em meu corpo tão primorosamente que eu posso sentir a minha existência para além de dimensões e parâmetros. Eu sei dentro de mim que sempre seremos forte juntos e eu estarei com você para sempre (...) (Aarti Khurana)

The True Twin Flame Essence by Carolyn Chipman @ Twin Flame Reflections

The True Twin Flame Essence Posted on February 10, 2015 by carolynchipman Okay I am going to share an intuitive reading I had done in May of 2011 with you because I think it may help you all to see...

TWIN FLAME SACRED KEYS "The real beloved is that one who is unique, who is your beginning and your end. When you find that one, you'll no longer expect anything else." ~Rumi

One of the best twin flame signs is to feel the telepathy connection between the 2 souls. Recognizing another soul as a possibility of being your...Usually during dream state, the twin will visit you. In order to prepare you for the meeting. If they are incarnate and it is meant to happen in your life here. Twin flames ~ Always connected...always One.. DIstance is an Earthly limitation.

Men bara om min älskade väntar Om jag hör hans hjärta sakta slå Bara om han låg här, tätt intill mig Kan jag bli, den jag var, igår