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"Given this history, it is not surprising that Albania is so little known. During the communist period, practically the only Westerners who visited the country were in organised groups – ornithologists, art historians or curious adventurers coming in on bus tours from neighbouring Yugoslavia – which were carefully escorted by watchful ‘tour guides’." Albania: the Bradt Guide;

Macedonia - St Joakim Osogovski. Facts about Macedonia. Area: 25,713 sq km. Landlocked state surrounded by Serbia/Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania.Population: 2,043,360. Capital: Skopje. Official language: Macedonian, one of the southern Slavic languages. Languages: 10

Albania - the land of the illyrians. The St. Mary's Church (Albanian: Kisha e Shën Mërisë) is an Eastern Orthodox church and monastery in Elbasan, Albania.

Thethi, Albania. Theth (definite Albanian form: Thethi) is a community in the Shalë municipality, Shkodër District, Shkodër County, northern Albania. The community is at the center of the Theth National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty.