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R. Carlos Nakai - the GODFATHER of the Native American Flute playing and making revival and most famous of all NAF performers today.

FLUTES The Native American flute is an end-blown flute fashioned either from cane (such as river cane), hardwood (such as walnut), or softwood (such as cedar). Theoretically, the instrument's archetype is the Anasazi flute developed by the Ancient Pueblo Peoples of Oasisamerica. The Anasazi flute seems to derive from Mesoamerican flute designs.(Mt)

numerous group of Native American believe that traditional Native American religions is better for Native American culture. They are even not happy about the growing interest in Native American Arts because they believe none native people will not understand their traditional knowledge.

"Ojibwa Performer Playing Flute", 1937. No additional information (by Marquette University Archives, via Flickr)

Photo, Gary Randall. The trickster Kokopelli plays his flute to chase away winter in this American Southwest petrogylph

'Leaves that Listen' - by R.S. Riddick .<>.(western, wild wild west, art, illustrations, native americans)

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Elephant painting

Might paint this for my dorm living room! @Amanda Snelson Johnson needs to paint me this!!!