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Looks like no one told the kid in back that his buddies mean business

How the heck does this thing work anyway?

Best homework excuse to a teacher ever :)

Diva in training

I feel so....empty.

Mulan = Reality

This needs no other caption

"up" halloween costume :)

I can sleep anywhere, even on top of the TV. See?

lmao!! I love this! This would be a great baby shower gift made with a couple other cute and funny baby and mommy/daddy necessities, maybe in a little homemade gift basket?

Baby Madelines!

I can't BELIEVE you just did that!!!

You said this would be FUN! HHHHEEELLLPPP!!!

this is hilarious

Folding laundry with a toddler

Take note

played so many alphabet games with my kids on road trips over the years. Would have loved to see this sign!

Sigh. Yeah.

Nice try, Sauron.