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Really Big bubbles ~ all you need are plastic straws, string and bubble juice!

kiddie pool + hoola hoop + water + dish soap = bubbles big enough to swallow your kid

super giant bubble recipe Needs to sit for 1 hour

super bubble recipe (and suggestion of secret dollar store ingredient (not shown)!

Homemade Game pieces. So perfect for family game nights OR in the classroom. Brilliant!

homemade bubble solution 2/3 cup dishwashing liquid 1 gallon water 2-3 tbs glycerin (available at pharmacy)

How to make your own bubbles- easy recipe!

The Best Bubbles Ever 6 cups water 2 cups Dawn dishwashing liquid 3/4 cup light corn syrup Mix all ingredients together in a LARGE container of empty water bottle, milk jug, etc. Shake everything up and let sit for a few hours. Pour into empty bubbles containers or dishes and go wild with your bubble wands!!

Bubble Refill Container and bubble recipe--this will come in handy one day!