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James Patterson

How fast can they write? E-books push writer productivity

Alex Cross series by James Patterson. I love Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross, too!

The Lake House

The James Patterson Book List for Fans

I admit it -- I am a HUGE James Patterson fan! After I read the first book, I knew I needed a James Patterson book list so I could read each and every book he has ever written. I even started a spreadsheet to keep track of which I have read and.

Sail-James Patterson

Sail-James Patterson We always know Patterson will have a great read for summer

James Patterson's "Jack Morgan" series. My perfect accompaniment to @Currys PC World - HOT CROSS BUNS

Comming soon in Bulgaria "Private Berlin" by James Patterson

James Patterson   Anything......

James Patterson - Love his books - atleast his early ones.

James Patterson's "Women's Murder Club" series.

This is where my love affair with James Patterson started I own almost all these books😱💞🙈James Patterson's "Women's Murder Club" series.

Women's Murder Club Mysteries!

Women's Murder Club Mysteries by James Patterson.love this series!

Alex Cross books in order by James Patterson http://mysterysequels.com/james-patterson-alex-cross-books-in-order

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Alex Cross books in order by James Patterson. These are my favorite Patterson books.


Anything James Patterson.I have read every James Patterson book I could get my hands on. Even the teen/young adult series. He is an amazing author!

Now You See Her

Just finished reading it.another suspense filled, plot twister, page turner from Patterson!