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We all want to know our belongings our safe in our locker while we're in class. Pick up a high-quality, durable, secure combination lock so that you can worry about things like homework and whether that hottie in chem class is looking your way. Get yours at Central for only $ 5.98! #backtoschool

The Way We Discipline Low-Income Kids Only Makes Their Problems Worse

Unhelpful Punishment The stress low-income kids experience hurts them biologically. How we punish them doesn’t help.

The Voynich manuscript, described as "the world's most mysterious manuscript",[3] is a work which dates to the early 15th century, possibly from northern Italy.[1][2] It is named after the book dealer Wilfrid Voynich, who purchased it in 1912.

How Automakers Use a WWI-Era Camo Technique to Disguise Prototype Cars

WW1 Era camo focused primarily on breaking up lines to make it harder to use split-focus range finders.