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The chasing lights simulate falling rain or a waterfall effect” “curtain, with 10 foot long drops. Great for decorating large windows or accent walls.” “decorative lighting”

For Alice in Wonderland Blacklight Halloween, make the tunnel out of brown tablecloth or sheets. The entrance with the White Rabbit is in normal light, but as you walk down the tunnel, spiral black light reactive tape down the tunnel to simulate falling

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25 Mason Jar Crafts That Will Get You So Excited for Fall

Use dried moss, acorns, and string lights to craft these rustic lanterns, perfect for cool evenings spent outside. Get the tutorial at Lil' Blue Boo.


Black Hole's Guts Modeled in Supercomputer Simulation

The inner workings of black holes are a bit clearer thanks to a supercomputer simulation that showed how matter falling into black holes emits light.

Enhance your holiday decorations Our Light Flurries System holiday light display creates an illusion of thousands of snowflakes falling on your home. The patented rotating mirror ball produces a dense random light pattern in a vertical motion up to 60'w x 40'h. Variable speed control lets you slow down or speed up the snow simulation. System is indoor/outdoor AC powered, and is weather-resistant with its durable plastic housing. Set up is easy and portable.

The giant black hole at the center of the Milky Way is preparing to gobble up a tasty gas cloud in a cosmic meal astronomers are eager to witness. Most galaxies are thought to host humongous black holes at their cores, & the Milky Way's, Sagittarius A*, contains ~4 million times the mass of our sun will add mass to its girth, when it swallows a cloud on a collision course with it, which will take ~ a year to completely devour, with the peak of its feast occurring ~ September of this year.

SUPER EASY! Keep toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls for this project. Use a hot glue gun to simulate dripping wax, then when that's dry, use FLAT black spray paint. You can get it at Lowes for $.99. Glue the together, cut some extra strips of cardboard to keep tea lights from falling through.10/15/2015 made by Kimberly O'Donnell