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The world will break your heart 10 ways to Sunday. Silver Linings Playbook

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Pat: People like Tiffany, or Danny, or me, maybe we know something that you guys don't know, okay? Did you ever think about that? Maybe we understand something because we're more... Danny: Yeah, we have a sixth sense. I mean, everybody's got it. Everybody's just not in touch with it. Silver Linings Playbook

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A good deed brightens a dark world. A good quote to have in mind. You can always make a difference.

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lakota prayer

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With every goodbye you learn..

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that is profound and perhaps all things stem from the heart singing - singing sad songs, singing love songs, singing. The heart sings, it is quiet, it is intense, it is opinionated. What does my heart say?

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here's to changing the world

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933 Blogspot

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I will always have this piece of my heart that smiles whenever I think about you

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Must try to remember - (scheduled via

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Each time my heart is broken it makes me feel more adventurous. - Frank O'Hara

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Don't be reckless with other people's hearts & don't put up with people who are reckless with yours.


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Forget all the psycho-babel-bullcrap; deep down your heart's love for someone is real. But Never again will I ever allow others to have me think I am somehow codependent. Mourn it, let it go, move on, and be wiser for the next journey...never ever be confused again....

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When God puts love and compassion in your heart toward someone, He's offering you an opportunity to make a difference in that person's life.

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