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Redondo Beach Mariners Drill Team. Loved it !!

I loved this!

Aspen apple-flavored soda. Why cant they make this today? I loved it!

What a great memory! I loved getting the summer issues & waiting for the mailman to deliver them.

Operation Board Game. The loud buzzing noise made me jump every time! I loved this, still do after all these years.

Mr. Slim Goodbody!

Bathrobes 1970s

no more tangles. My mom use to put this on my hair as a little girl

Burger King's "new" onion rings.

Sun Light Dishwashing Soap, 1970's. I remember when this 1st came out.

Romper...came in all sorts of prints and colors...for playing outside on hot days

Rotary dial phone

Could make with shower curtain rings....

Pearl Bailey is often forgotten as one of Hollywood's most beautiful women due to the era when Hollywood did not find women of color as beautiful. Hollywood was wrong because Ms. Pearl is a beautiful classic and timeless beauty that is often emulated.

Nikki Giovanni - world-renowned poet, writer, commentator, activist, and educator.

Top Cat

Family Tv show 76-80

Step by step guide to interactive notebooks. TONS of pics. ...need to make my "dance notebooks" organized like this!

Pearl Bailey, By Carl Van Vechten, , New York, 1946.

karma chameleon

1st grade readers