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Group Lesson Activities: Grand Staff Twister & Grand Staff Beanbag Toss

Three ways to get your students moving

Movement in the music room: Three ways to get kids moving in your elementary music class!

Grand Behavior

GRAND BEHAVIOR - We have all seen the “NOISE” post on Pinterest - Change NOISE to GRAND and add a behavior chart! Add/Remove letters based on class behavior (bottom pic). Removing a letter from the whiteboard is a huge visual that all students notice without you having to use your voice. As music teachers – we all know our voice is precious! If they have all the letters at the end of class they go up on the chart (top pic). Middle C & Top = Incentive! #music #education #musiceducation

Music Unit Explore by Genre

Music EXPLORATION by genre! Explore jazz, hip hop, pop, alternative, rock, country, and more! Fun music activities in the classroom

Music Resources (MEGA-BUNDLE)

Music Resources for the whole year! This has tons of PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, posters, warm-ups, songs, and classroom management ideas for elementary music students