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Monadenium ritchiei

Aloinopsis schooneesii Great succulent bonsai: the thick root and trunk eventually can be trained to the shape of a odd mini-bonsai.

Euphorbia obesa

Titanopsis calcarea 'Bizarre'

Nananthus vittatus (Syn: Aloinopsis vittata)

Pseudolithos migiurtinus

Haworthia attenuata variegate

Euphorbia Obesa - Google Search

Haworthia cooperi var.obtusa


Tiny Succulents Grown In Corks - NICE cool idea for decorations, would work well with wooden layout

These floral-style arrangements are planted with a variety of sedums, echeverias, and (for height) senecio. (Home of Barbara Baker, Rancho Santa Fe. Design by Chicweed.)

Oxalis palmifrons


Hanging succulent

Graptoveria 'Coconut Ice' - Google Search

Amazing horses tail succulents; Laguna garden

You gotta love Oscularia deltoides (the frosty blue guy crawling around in the Aeoniums) Love it!

crassula pyramidalis, una delle mie

CAUDICIFORM Monadenium gracile