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TIE Fighter Stencil // by octokid

dbsw: “ TIE Fighter Stencil // by octokid ” *Geekleetist: after this evening…not a a single lite pole in my neighborhood will be Tie-less*

¿Daniel Radcliffe vestido de Boba Fett, pero esto qué es?

Love the look on the little girl's face: "why is Harry Potter dressed like Boba Fett?"< lol why IS harry potter dressed as boba fett?--->> Because he's fricking Harry Potter, that's why!

This is a totally random post because I was surfing around the internet looking at fun Star Wars stuff trying to come up with a gift idea...

12 Awesome Star Wars Inspired Furniture Pieces

A collection of Star Wars Furniture and home decor. From Tie Fighters and X-wings to Boba Fet, Storm Troopers and this collection has it all!


Papertoys Pearl Harbor Trilogy (x 2


Star Wars X-Wing Papertoy

Iron Man Mark 45 Friday Pepakura PDO by MaxCrft on Etsy

Motif marque 45 Pepakura mise à jour par MaxCrft sur Etsy

Star Wars Origami Tutorials Video Instructions                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Watch the video instructions and learn how to make an awesome Star Wars origami models. Some of them are very easy to make while other ones are a bit harder but all of them will look great when you finish…

Demon heart #OrigamiLife

Demon heart #OrigamiLife