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Juliet's House in Verona, Italy. I touched the statue for good luck, on her right breast! it's the only shiny part of the statue because apparently touching there means good luck!

Africa | Yoruba male and Female Shire Figures, Nigeria. c. prior to 1977. | These splendid Yoruba shrine sculptures were probably carved in Ilobu by an artist from the circle of Toibo of Erin, son of Maku. They were most likely placed on a shrine for orisha Erinle in Ilobu or a neighboring town on the northern forest edge of the area known as Oyo in Western Nigeria.

Knossos - Idol of a goddess with raised hands, made of terracotta. The figurine was found in the Shrine of the Double Axes at the palace of Knossos. Postpalatial Period 1350 -1300 BC (Heraklion Museum)